Coaching Resources

The coaching skills taught in these videos and written material will be a powerful tool for those who want to become a wellness coach or for those who just want to improve their skills of communication with their family and friends.

All of us have areas in our life that we would like to improve but seem to fail in that endeavor, we need help. Coaching provides a partnership between two individuals whether in the community the church or in your own home to prayerfully walk together over a set period of time. This interactive ministry moves individuals from information to action in this partnership.

Wellness coaching is an innovative, biblical way to build supportive relationships so that participants experience sustainable lifestyle change.

For a less intense training click here “Ongoing Personal Support Team” training.

If you want to become a certified coach I recommend “Take Courage Coaching” please click on their logo to go to that website.

Coaching Videos:

Rick Mautz teaching wellness coaching at The Well School at Eden Valley


Download coaching PowerPoints as used in the video.

Coaching Handout Material as referred to in the videos:

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